You may have recently experienced the death of someone you were close to, or knew. Or you may have lost someone through death in the past, and have some unresolved grief which is affecting your life and relationships now.

Grief is a natural response to loss, but it can feel very painful, particularly in the first stages, with feelings of immense sadness and despair coming in waves.

Some people find talking to a counsellor helpful when managing grief, to someone who is neutral and empathic towards each person’s unique loss experience. Sharing grief with those close to us is of course important in the healing process. However, for some talking to a counsellor can feel safe and a relief, not having to worry about what they say and what they share.

Loss and grief can bring a variety of feelings, different for each individual. Feelings can include sadness, despair, anxiety, anger, fear, instability, even relief, and many other emotions – all of which are natural and if expressed within a safe environment such as counselling can aid recovery and healing.

Bereavements are naturally challenging to manage and some are particularly difficult, such as sudden death, suicide and the death of a child. Seeking professional therapeutic support may be of great benefit for those suffering such trauma.

I have trained with Cruse as a bereavement counsellor, and supported many clients with bereavements within my practice at Sussex Counselling Service and within other clinical settings over the past 23 years. Whether your bereavement is recent, or in your past and still affecting your life, counselling may help you to process your feelings of grief so that you can slowly begin to enjoy aspects of your life, and gradually look forward to the future once again. Build a life around your loss.

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