Counselling may be able to support you through a period of change involving loss of health or mobility – the emotional impact of such change.

You may have recently been diagnosed with an illness, such as Cancer or other upsetting diagnosis, and left with feelings of uncertainty and loss. You may be experiencing emotional and physical change, impacting on your family and personal relationships, leaving you feeling anxious and lost. Uncertainty can feel like a difficult emotion to manage.

Whether your illness is past, recent or ongoing, you may find it helpful to talk to a trained counsellor, someone like myself who is independent from family and friends, so that you can talk freely about how you are feeling. Maybe this will then empower you to talk to those close about your illness, and what your needs are, or communicate with health professionals to gain understanding about your illness, and discuss choices.

Experiencing loss of health can be a difficult change to manage, but with the support of professional empathic counselling within a caring and safe therapeutic relationship, you may be able to express your feelings and fears, and perhaps begin to accept and adjust to this major transition, recognising  the strength and resilience within you.

You may have been a supporter to someone close, a partner or friend, who has been diagnosed with an illness. Supporting someone else during ill health, whether physical or mental health, can be very emotionally challenging (often referred to as vicarious trauma). Having your own counselling maybe important for your own emotional health, particularly when you have protected a partner or friend from your own upsetting feelings in order to provide them with support.

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