Most people will experience major life changes in their lives, and sometimes these transitions can be emotionally challenging. For example:

Relationship separation/divorce

Children leaving home




Loss of youth and fitness/health

At certain times of change we are often forced to re-evaluate our lives, our expectations and life goals. We can experience a mixture of feelings around times of change, sometimes overwhelming or confusing.

Counselling may help you manage the life changes you face, help you evaluate and make decisions about what is important to you in the present and future. As with many challenges in life, talking to a trained counsellor like myself, who is non-judgemental and independent from friends and family can enable you to be open about how you feel and explore the options available to you.

You can talk freely and safely about the major life transition you are going through, and may then be able to make new decisions that are important to you, or gain a more comfortable feeling of acceptance.

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