You may wish to have some individual counselling sessions to work through any relationship difficulties, or come along with a partner for some couples counselling. Some examples  of relationship difficulties are:

  • Friendship problems.

  • Work relationship difficulties.

  • Family relationship problems. You can come individually or with other family members who wish to improve communication, reduce conflict or deal with change occurring in the family.

  • Parenting difficulties. You may be a new parent, or parenting toddlers. Parenting teenagers, or have a child with ill health or disability.

  • Infertility. You may be dealing with IVF or other medical procedures. Wanting to talk through the emotional strain infertility has placed on you and your relationship.

  • Financial stress and instability in your relationship and family. Have you been made redundant, lost your employment, business under threat etc. Financial insecurity can cause emotional distress and strain on relationships.


How Can Relationship Counselling Help? 

Communication between two people can be helped with another trained professional facilitating. As a Couples Counsellors I do not take sides, I remain neutral and objective. Counselling can help you decide whether separating or staying together is best for you as a couple. Talking in a safe setting, listening to one another, facilitated by me, may help you to understand each other and the strains on your relationship so that you can both make an informed decision.

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