Stress in reasonable amounts is natural – it is essential for problem solving and motivation. We need some stress to increase the blood flow in the fronto-orbital regions of our brains, the parts that process language, intergrate information and find solutions. So some stress is a good thing – we need to press the stress button and release some adrenaline when needed.

Excessive stress is not so good. It is like keeping your finger on the stress button and being flooded with excessive adrenaline. An engine needs the right amount of oil to function – to flood it with oil might cause damage. The same with stress, too much adrenaline can be harmful to our immune system and cognitive functioning.

Our brains are hard wired (limbic system of our brain) to protect us from real danger. The 3 protective hard wired mechanisms are:-

Fight – we become aggressive and defensive

Flight – we remove ourselves, withdraw and abandon

Freeze – our mind shuts down from our body, we disconnect from our emotions

Stress is often not about ‘real immediate danger’. We do not have to react with Fight, Flight or Freeze.

Counselling  may help you to control and manage stress. Understand why certain situations or other people’s behaviour causes you excessive stress. Gain increased self-confidence so you trust in your ability to find solutions. Learn new strategies and gain greater self-awareness, including recognition of physical symptoms, and if interested using Mindfulness exercises.

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